About Us

Rio Surf n Stay Camp offers exciting travel experiences involving surfing packages in one of the most fabulous location in the world: Rio de Janeiro. Our location allows exploring the impressive sceneries and unique cultural experiences of this exotic travel destination.

We have over the past 10 years been focused on surfing in Brazil, but because of continued interest into other surf destinations, we have decided to expand to New Zealand. NZ Surf n Stay is part of our expansion plan, being our first International destination.

As part of the plan we also intend to expand our concept to other destinations within Brazil and to other finger chosen overseas spots.

Since 2006 our main objective has been to gather a range of services in the surf industry that could full fill some of the market gaps so we, as a company, could break through into the surf industry.

As a crew formed by surfers, snowboarders and people with different life styles, our dream job has always been related to our passions. Many of us have always been searching for that perfect job which could provide us with both sides of the coin, doing what we love combined with monetary security. That’s why Rio Surf n Stay was created. As company we want to support and develop those people who want to make their living through their passions.

Our dedication and attitude, made possible for us to look at things from different positions than most of regular people do, making us able to develop an alternative perception of what reality may be.

We understand that work together with our customers providing them with new concepts and ideas, can help them become more effective on establishing their image and consequently increasing sales. We believe as well that this timework, which is focused on spreading out different attitudes and perceptions towards the market, is of fundamental importance to the development of our industry.

Mission Statement

Rio Surf n Stay Camp is committed to create and offer a unique Surf Camp, initially in Rio de Janeiro and finally expanding all through Brazil and abroad, always providing excellent customer service combined with quality instruction, safety and the best equipment. With our services intend to positively influence our customers through the sport causing a positive impact in their life style.

Company concepts and values

  • Offering to customers a taste of what the real surf life style is all about
  • Making our passion a way of life
  • Offer the best customer service possible by a genuine and authentic approach on teaching
  • Built and develop a team with strong sense of responsibility and professionalism to serve our customers
  • Cooperate towards Environmental campaigns to keep our Oceans clean
  • Help to develop the local economy by offering jobs to the locals, increasing the turn over of local business
  • Cooperate with the exposure of new talents in the area such as painters, musicians etc…
  • Build up partnerships with companies that en lace similar concepts than ours being originality, marketing image and strategy the main ones
  • Break through into the market by developing new concepts and unique marketing strategies.