Our Surf n Yoga pack is aimed to those whom want a different experience in Rio. Located on the outskirts of the city surrounded by national parks, our surf lodge is at a perfect location for a surf retreat within a big center.

Morning will be full filled with an early yummy breakfast and water activities including a surf lesson for either level 1 or 2 surfers. After that, we will get back to the camp and get a bite to eat. The afternoon is reserved for more surfing as all the surfing gear is available to guests to use as they please.

Our Yoga master practices the Kundalini Yoga which is designed to raise complete body awareness to prepare the body, nervous system, and mind to handle the energy of Kundalini rising. The majority of the physical postures focus on navel activity, activity of the spine, and selective pressurization of body points and meridians. Breath work and the application of bandhas (3 yogic locks) aid to release, direct and control the flow of Kundalini energy from the lower centers to the higher energetic centers.

Along with the many kriyas, meditations and practices of Kundalini Yoga, a simple breathing technique of alternate nostril breathing (left nostril, right nostril) is taught as a method to cleanse the nadis, or subtle channels and pathways, to help awaken Kundalini energy

As surfers, the practice of yoga helps our body to increase its strength at body and mind level. All of the exercises and postures involved in the practice help us to increase our body strength and perform better in the water. In the same the meditation side of it helps us to be focused and calm.

To top it all up and make you fully relaxed over the week we included a special and relaxant massage that can be booked whenever you want!!


What's Included

  • 7 nights accommodation (shared or private)
  • unlimited equipment use during your stay
  • 5 surf lessons (per person)
  • 2 yoga sessions (per person)
  • 1 massage (per person)
  • Breakfast


Level 1:

  • shared R$ 1.249,00 per person
  • private R$ 2.019,00 for 1 person
  • private R$ 2.882,00 for 2 persons (R$ 1.441,00 per person)

Level 2:

  • shared R$ 1.349,00 per person
  • private R$ 2.231,00 per person
  • private R$ 3.193,00 for 2 persons (R$ 1.596,50 per person)