Prainha & Grumari


Two of the most stunning beaches in Rio de Janeiro are only a bike ride away. Prainha is a infamous surf spot with exceptional waves. Grumari is a natural reserve and is the only neighborhood with no residents. It has beaches that have not changed in hundreds of

years and a rain forest surrounding its hills



Do not miss the incredible view from Pedra do Telegrafo. The many

hiking trails along the several natural reserves that surround us will leave you speechless. From short hikes to long treks, we are sure you will enjoy

what you going to see. 

Skate and Cycle


The beach sidewalk is almost 10km long and is perfect for cycling and skating. You can enjoy long rides or go to the many skate parks

and improve your skill with local riders. 



It hardly ever happens here in Rio....but the ocean goes flat some time. But no need to worry about your surf progress! We got you covered with balance training at the Hostel. Improve your skills at the slackline or try how long you manage to stay on our balance board.

Hang Gliding


The surrounding hills and constant winds offer perfect spots for para-

gliding and hang-gliding. Especially since the landscapes of the surroundings are breathtaking from up there.


Bonfire and Music

We love good vibes and don't need a reason to celebrate life. Join one of our cozy bonfire evenings at the hostel. Make new friends, eat local food and play some music. What else would you need?!